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Some of my students ask me..."This masterclass is so valuable, why give it away for FREE?"

Well, it’s because I care about you, and I want to reveal the “SUCCESS FRAMEWORK” behind becoming a 6 figure$ copywriter in your first year. I want to show you the easiest and fastest way to profit from your writing, working with a few high-paying clients every month and doing only the kind of writing you enjoy the most.

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No technical background required: Unlike other skills, copywriting doesn't require any technical background or formal education. With copywriting, you have the potential to start seeing results in a relatively short amount of time, with little to no prior knowledge needed.


Diverse Career Opportunities: Copywriting is the lifeblood of any business. You are needed in marketing, public relations, advertising, and more. This means you will always remain relevant and continue making money for as long as you want.


Unlimited earning potential: This is amazing, isn’t it? You can determine your own income. You can increase your price as you skill up or when you want to make more. You can make up to $10,000 in a month, depending on how many hours you dedicate to your business. An incredible opportunity to build your finances and secure your future.


Your words make a difference: There is no greater feeling than knowing a business got more sales because of your words; they got their events packed because of the email series you wrote for them. In a world where people are looking for reasons to live, being a copywriter gives you a real sense of satisfaction and purpose.


Your results are measurable: As a copywriter, you directly impact results. You can quickly see the outcome of changes you have made in a brand’s communication. Be it an increase in engagement, email open and response rate, sales, or website traffic. This will give you a sense of fulfilment and even set you up for more success.


You become an extremely valuable person: The skills needed to be a professional copywriter will impact all the areas of your life. Your writing, research, and communication skills will put you miles ahead of your contemporaries. Even if you do not end up working as a copywriter, acquiring the skill helps you become an invaluable asset.

Here is the shocking truth, most businesses have no idea how to write a copy that sells. And you don’t need to be super good at first or a genius; all it takes is to write a better copy than the business you are working with…and if your copy helps them get more leads, website traffic, or a little more sales, you will get paid handsomely.


You can be the next to share your success story when you make payment and join the next cohort today. Our course is guaranteed to pay for itself repeatedly, as this is not just an investment in yourself but a deposit into your future and generations to come.

The Crush-it-Copywriting Academy is the first structured copywriting curriculum on the internet, where we equip you with ALL the resources that you need to build a profitable writing business under one roof and do not need to buy any other course. Many of our students have compared our learning portal to the study curriculum in many modern universities. You can SEE PROOF below.

Who says stay-at-home mums can’t make money from writing and support their husbands on the home front?

 ➡️Meet Kifayat, a stay-at-home mum who has successfully built a 6-figure Website Copywriting Agency. Kiyafat has taken it to the next level; she has not only earned in dollars as a website copywriter but now has more jobs than she can fulfil. She narrates how CIC has empowered her and she has now built her website copywriting agency where she hires other writer to work for her.

Do you want to go from a complete beginner to working  with two foreign companies?

 ➡️Victor got 2 jobs with two foreign companies based in Dubai and UK. His story is an emotional one as he invested in our copywriting program at a time where he was desperate for a stable income. It’s true that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do. Victor tells it all in this video; listen to get the gist and make a decision that your future will be thankful for.

Do you think you may be too old to learn copywriting and make money online?

 ➡️Meet Akinwunmi who resigned from his HR job before taking our program. Like most people he learnt from scratch and now works as a Technical Writer for a remote company in the United States – earning in dollars and living in Nigeria has been a huge advantage for him. Do you want to keep whining about the economy or upskill and get out of the rat race?

Do you wonder how a beginner can become the Head of Communications in a growing startup?

 ➡️Meet Zainab, She joined CIC as a newbie and was able to make over $1000 in 45 days, now she is now a rockstar in her job as a communications manager. You can have the best of both worlds in that you can earn as a freelance writer and also take up an in-house copywriting role and get paid for skill you bring to the table. Such an amazing career for anyone looking to lead a fulfilling life.

Are you a content writer or content creator and want to make more money?

 ➡️Akhere talks about her journey from being a content creator into a copywriter and how she’s consistently made more money offering copywriting gigs. is there anything more fulfilling than doing what you love and making loads of money while at it? Listen to Akhere for the full gist.

Looking for that one skill you can learn to take your creative writing career to the next level?

 ➡️Meet Jovi Babs – one of the script writers for the popular Kunle Afolayan Movie – Figurine upskilled via CIC. Jovi Babs talks about how copywriting and learning the art of persuasion has helped him advanced his career. He talks about the practicality  and thoroughness of the CIC course.

Still in doubt of the immense experience you’d encounter with the CIC course?

 ➡️Grace went on linkedin to research the creator of the course – thejirejacob – and she only made the commitment when she discovered he was genuine and has enough experience in the industry” – Grace. If you are like Grace and you are scared whether to invest your hard-earned money, your emotions are valid. Listen to what Grace has to say about the CIC curriculum and why CIC is the best place if you want to learn this skill and be the best at it.

How about making your first $1000 in less than 6 weeks into the CIC course?

 ➡️Nkechi was a struggling Upworker and swore she was never paying for another course until she found CIC. Half-way into the course she’s mastered the art of writing persuasive proposals and earned her first $1,000. Amazing isn’t it? She regrets not signing up for CIC early enough.It’s never too late to turn your dead Upwork account into a cash flow machine and use our other client acquisition strategies to scale up to $5,000 per month. See below:

You have a place here at the academy. We have students of all ages and varying backgrounds in the program. Students, bankers, stay-at-home mums, retirees, small business owners, sales reps, medical practitioners and even marketing professionals are in the course.

We believe you can pick up copywriting no matter where you are with our program and support and start earning 6 figures in a matter of weeks. You can use the knowledge to start your own business and quit your 9-5 job.

Like every other business, freelance copywriting requires hard work, consistency and the right attitude. We can give you all the strategies and tricks, but it’s up to you to implement and apply them in your career.

Our students have gone ahead to build their own marketing agencies, land permanent remote jobs in countries like UK, CANADA, & US. and continue to prove to the world that our training curriculum is UNMATCHED and truly works.

You can be the next to share your success story when you make payment and join the next cohort today. Our course is guaranteed to pay for itself repeatedly, as this is not just an investment in yourself but a deposit into your future and generations to come.


Fish Farmer Relocates to Canada after taking the CIC!

 ➡️You can learn a high-income skill like copywriting, land lucrative gigs in 90 days or less, and use your earnings to fund your life projects. In this inspiring case study, Gbenga shares his experience of taking the CIC and using his new skills to relocate to Canada. With our proven strategies, you too can learn copywriting, and transform your life.

Bangladesh student moves from $200/mo to $4,000/mo

 ➡️Aqib from far Asia took the CIC course and now earns up to $4,000/mo. He is proof that anyone can learn copywriting and make a lot of money from it. In this case study, Aqib shares how he initially struggled with the English language and how CIC equipped him with all the tools he needed to become a profitable writer. This might just change your life forever, why not take the leap?

Stay-at-home mum makes her first $1,000 writing!

 ➡️After investing in several writing courses that only provided theoretical knowledge, Perpetua decided to enroll in the CIC program. She landed her first first ever writing project and got paid in dollars. As a mother of three, Perpetua now earns from home, takes care of her kids, and supports her husband at the home front. It’s never too late to start rewriting your story – this could be your chance!


The elite package is the most sought after as 80% of our students are enrolled in this package, and also it’s the ONLY package where we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you implement everything that we teach you and do not get results.

You can choose any other package and upgrade to Elite later by paying the difference to avoid procrastination. Many have procrastinated and missed out on a life-changing opportunity.

This should not be your case, as you have already seen how your life will turn around for good when you join the fastest-growing copywriting academy on the planet.

Elite Blueprint

Full Payment: #250,000 

Installment Payment Option: Pay N85,000 down payment today, N85,000 after a month, & N80,000 after 60 days – with 90 days money-back guarantee!

This package covers 9 core training modules and 4 client acquisition modules to help you become a well-rounded profitable copywriter:

The Elite Copywriters get our complete:

The Elite Copywriters get our complete:

Duration: 8 Weeks minimum + 1 year Access + Access to Private Community

OR  Pay via Bank Transfer to Enroll

Account Details: Zenith Bank / The Elitefold Int’l Limited / 1016146003.

NOTE: After payment, send your name, email, phone, and receipt to

Premium Blueprint

Full Payment: #150,000 

Installment Payment Option: Pay N50,000 down payment today, N50,000 after a month, & N50,000 after 60 days.

This package covers 7 core training modules and 2 client acquisition modules to help you become a well-rounded kick-ass copywriter:

The Premium Copywriters get our complete:

Duration: 6 weeks minimum + 1-year Access + Access to Private Community & Weekly Live Support Sessions over Zoom

OR  Pay via Bank Transfer to Enroll

Account Details: Zenith Bank / The Elitefold Int’l Limited / 1016146003.

NOTE: After payment, send your name, email, phone, and receipt to

Call  📞my course advisor, Korede, + 234 817 943 1020 or message her on Whatsapp to learn more about the program; she is waiting to pick up your call.

Basic Blueprint

Full Payment: #100,000 

Installment Payment Option: Pay N40,000 down payment today, N30,000 after a month, & 30,000 after 60 days!

The package covers training on how to deliver the 5 in-demand copywriting services, including:

This is done over 5 weeks with class activities and assignments, so you can build your portfolio as you go. 

This blueprint also does not include strategies for getting clients—best for people who want to learn how sales work and use it in their own business.

Duration: 5 weeks + 1 year Access +  Access to Private Community & Weekly Live Support Sessions over zoom.

OR  Pay via Bank Transfer to Enroll

Account Details: Zenith Bank / The Elitefold Int’l Limited / 1016146003.

NOTE: After payment, send your name, email, phone, and receipt to

Call  📞my course advisor, Korede, + 234 817 943 1020 or message her on Whatsapp to learn more about the program; she is waiting to pick up your call.

We don’t like to use URGENCY tactics and tell you we won’t open our course again anytime soon. However, slots are limited per cohort as we like to provide enough support to our students. In fact, admission into our course is BIMONTHLY, and the next cohort training starts in less than 14 days from now, but you need to register NOW so you can go through the orientation course before you start getting your hands dirty.

If you are waiting for phrases like “Last chance”, “Expires today”, or other marketing gimmicks before making a decision that will transform your life forever, you may not be a good match for our course.

Our students are decisive and have the winner’s mindset, which is why they are able to complete our course in record time, get certified and start making loads of money.

*If you have any questions about our program or need help choosing a package, email us at or call our course advisor at +234 817 943 1020.

Here is a full breakdown of what you will get into the cic academy

Our copywriting academy is quite comprehensive and includes our core skill training modules, marketing and client acquisition modules, as well as pricing and client management classes. – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

Copywriting Business Orientation Class - Getting Started!

This is where you will learn copywriting in great detail, its scope and wide applicability. You will discover the opportunities available for you as a copywriter, the lifestyle, the earning potential, and what you need to build a thriving business. We also show you the mindset you must develop to outperform other copywriters in the marketplace. In this module, we introduce you to the world of direct response copywriting and the fundamentals of persuasive writing.

Retail Price: $189

Copywriter’s Task Execution Summary, Headlines, and Research Essentials

Here, you will learn the copy project life-cycle and what you must do as a copywriter at every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome. You will learn research essentials like building a customer profile, carrying out a before and after transformation exercise and crafting headlines. This module prepares you for the journey ahead and helps you understand the core processes that lead to an effective sales copy.

Retail Price: $289

Mastering Email & Sales Page Copywriting for Conversions

Learn how to write effective email copy that engages readers and drives conversions. You will learn key principles of effective email copywriting and best practices in email marketing. In this module, you will learn how to write a sales page that converts web traffic to customers. At the end of this module, you will be able to brand yourself as a sales consultant and help businesses optimize their emails and sales pages for maximum conversion. Now you can charge expert fee and increase your income.

Retail Price: $789

Crushit copywriting landing page that works (1)

Landing Page Copywriting, Fb Ads Copywriting and Copy Formulas

Every online business owner needs a landing page. This is where you will learn the Z to A method, a work-back-from-the-goal method that helps you to write a landing page copy in 30 mins. You will learn how to write compliant Facebook ad copy and discover proven copy formulas you can use to speed up your work and wow your clients. These copy formulas completely obliterate what some writers call “Writer’s block”.

Retail Price: $375

UX Copywriting Accelerator Course

Build a strong UX copywriting portfolio and land a high-paying remote tech job. You will learn how to conduct user research, create user personas and use data to help product creators achieve business goals. This module covers techniques for crafting headlines, body copy and call to actions that engage users and drive conversions. You can acquire this skill and apply for Tech visas to relocate abroad or simply earn foreign currencies from your home writing microcopy for Tech businesses.

Retail Price: $1499

Product Description, B2B & B2C Website Copywriting

You can earn up to $3,000 monthly by writing only product descriptions. You will learn to write a simple Amazon listing for other stores in 15 minutes using our proven framework. In this module, you’ll learn the ground rules of B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) website copywriting and the cheat sheet for writing the 5 most important pages of a website (Home Page, About Us, Services, FAQ, and Contact Us).

Retail Price: $289

Crushit Copywriting Learn SEO copywriting and blogging course

SEO Content Writing & Blogging Course

Add more value to your clients and make more money with our content writing course. You will learn SEO best practices, keyword research, building topic clusters and how to build a brand’s online reputation using blog posts. This is where you gain a massive edge over other copywriters, offer bundled services to your clients, charge more money and scale up your copywriting business to up to $10k/month. Amazing, isn’t it?

Retail Price: $289

Crushit Copywriting - The Anatomy of Sales Letter & Advanced Product and Customer Research Strategies

The Anatomy of Sales Letter & Advanced Product and Customer Research Strategies

Here, we will go through the anatomy of a sales promotion and how you can assemble your own sales letter using simple secrets and copy formula. You will write your first sales copy from scratch. You will also learn how to unmask your prospect’s innermost feelings, desires, and beliefs using advanced product and customer research strategies.

Retail Price: $389

Building Your Portfolio, Branding & Marketing Your Freelance Business

This is where you will create your business portfolio, discover the most profitable copy niches, niche down and begin to market yourself. With our help, you will set up a portfolio that attracts high-paying clients and use proven marketing strategies to make your first or next $1,000 and then scale up to $5,000 per month. This is your “ultimate” blueprint module to building a strong online presence and printing your own money on demand.

Retail Price: $289

Crushit Copywriting- Fiverr & Upwork Accelerator Course (1)

Fiverr & Upwork Accelerator Course

Learn how to position yourself on freelance platforms like Fiverr & Upwork to attract copy clients. You will learn proven profile optimization and branding tips to stand out from the crowd. You will have access to service description templates, keyword ranking secrets and proposal writing strategies to consistently land jobs on Upwork even if you are entirely new. We will show our pricing strategy and how to avoid blood-sucking clients and only work with high-paying clients.

Retail Price: $289

Crushit Copywriting Cold Emailing & LinkedIn Monetization Course

Cold Emailing & LinkedIn Monetization Course

Live demonstration of how to extract emails of high-paying clients and pitch them for work. You will discover the tools and techniques to send direct emails and land interviews with clients who will hire you. In this module, you will have access to our Linkedin monetization course: simple content marketing and pitching strategies you can use to turn your LinkedIn into a cash flow machine. 75% of our students have recorded massive success using Linkedin to acquire copy clients. Go and verify!

Retail Price: $789

Your Guide to Your Next $1000 as A Crush-it Copywriter

Making $1000 in 45 days or less is HARD – says the freelance writer who doesn’t know what to do to fill his calendar with high paying clients. This is where you will learn how NOT to sound like every other person bidding for the job. You will know what you need to do to land your first high-paying client as a copywriter and how to market yourself effectively after niching down. We will reveal the proven steps you need to take to appear as a pro copywriter even though you are just starting out.

Retail Price: $789

get certified and gain global recognition

Our certificate is a stamp of competence and professionalism. To obtain our certificate, you must meet at least one of the following criteria – complete 24hrs of study time on the learning portal, earn at least $1,000 using our client acquisition techniques or sign up a minimum of 10 clients with PROOF.

***In a world where certificates no longer symbolize competence, we are taking a different approach to support our students all the way to make theirs count. You can be the next to obtain this badge of honour and become a globally sought-after copywriter.

If you decide to buy our program modules separately, you will be paying $6,089, and this does not even include the value of our live support sessions, certificate, and bonus materials we give you in the course. We have set our prices to reflect the present economic reality in our primary market (NIGERIA), so we can help more people lead a more independent and financially free life.


The truth is a lot of copywriters didn't go through structured training and just don't know how to run a profitable business. And it's not their fault! There are only a few copywriting courses designed by an actual copywriter who has made money with the skill.

They don't know how to do the basic things a CIC-trained copywriter does:

Things like brand and price their projects properly. So they settle for the $5 and $10 gigs to get by. That way, they cannot live the dream life they read about on the internet.

They suck at client management and business growth because they do not know when and how to ask for more work from a client, tap into the client’s network for referrals, and triple their income.

Land copy projects repeatedly and consistently. (They depend solely on Fiverr and Upwork instead of using other client acquisition techniques to reach more clients and work on the projects they love the most.)

And all of that (and much more!) is what we cover in the CIC Academy, and we can't wait for you to join us and start gaining the skills you need to build a six-figure income and more from copywriting.


We want to make sure you achieve your aim of becoming a professional copywriter; whether you want to use it to make more income for yourself or build your business; you will receive all the support that you need in the CIC Academy.



As a copywriter, you know how important it is to have a portfolio that showcases your skills and abilities. Without it, it can be challenging to land new projects and clients. But building a strong portfolio can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting.

That’s where the CIC Academy comes in. We offer real-life projects that are graded by our expert instructors to help you build a portfolio that demonstrates your copywriting prowess. We understand that pitching for jobs can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you’re just starting out. But with a solid portfolio, you can set yourself apart from the competition and show potential clients that you have what it takes to add value to their business.

We give you assignments at every step of the way, giving you the opportunity to build an outstanding portfolio before you even finish the course. This not only prepares you for the real world but also accelerates your journey to landing high-paying clients.



Starting a copywriting career can be fun when you connect with others on the same journey. Our live sessions twice a week with industry leaders strengthen your skills.

Get an extra layer of support with live sessions where you can ask questions and accelerate your growth. You will also learn from industry leaders who will share their experiences with you and strengthen your copywriting skills.

By hearing how other course takers have dealt with challenges on their journey, you can be motivated to overcome any struggles you may be facing, and ultimately achieve your goals. With this kind of support and mentorship, you’ll be able to take your copywriting career to new heights.



Ride on the shoulders of those who have gone before you. The CIC family is a big family where you will get support from other copywriting compatriots in the fold. The Elite community is a great to be because you will.

➡️Get Inspired: Each day, members share their big wins in the community, inspiring you to crush your income goals and excel in your course lessons.

➡️Get Your Copy Critiqued: Don’t be afraid to have your work critiqued by our supportive community. Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward and maintain a positive reputation with clients.

➡️Catch up on Updates: Sometimes, we make important announcements concerning a course, guest speaker or even private webinars. This is where you get first-hand information about the program.

➡️Collaborate with others: When you have more work than you can handle, turn to the community for help. This is a huge opportunity for those who want to scale their copywriting business into an agency. Creating a strong atmosphere for professional networking is a win-win for all members of our community.

➡️Gain Exposure to diverse perspectives: You will interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse perspectives, which can broaden your horizons and provide new insights and approaches to your work.



Copywriting is a dynamic profession, which means things are constantly changing. At CIC Academy, we strive to remain at the forefront of copywriting education in the world. To achieve this, we organize invite-only webinars for our paid students on a need-by-need basis. During these webinars, we share working strategies, new approaches to client acquisition and provide updates that will give our writers the edge they need to succeed.

As the program designers are also experienced copywriters, we are quick to spot trends in the market and arm our students with the latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of the competition. We believe that staying current with the latest developments in the field is crucial for our students’ success, and our webinars provide a unique opportunity to do just that.



We understand that life can be unpredictable and it’s easy to fall off track when working towards a goal. That’s why, even though our program is self-paced, we have a dedicated customer experience team that checks in with you periodically to ensure you’re making progress and staying on track.

These routine check-ins enable us to monitor your progress and provide personalized assistance in areas where you may be struggling. If necessary, our customer experience team can schedule a clarity session with our instructors or direct you to additional resources.

Our goal is to ensure at least 90% of our course takers complete the program and receive certification, ensuring that you receive the full value of your investment.

Crushit Copywriting Support


The total value of what you get when you enroll in our elite program is in excess of $6,090, excluding the fast-action bonuses. But You are Not Paying one-tenth of that. Amazing right? But you must take ACTION now to claim all the bonuses and make the next cohort.



— 01

Customer Profiling:

Copywriters are human and, therefore, better at analyzing the emotions of other humans than a bot. Without connecting with people on a deeper level, it is difficult to make sales. Businesses know this, which is why they hire human copywriters.

— 02


Copywriters are able to diagnose sales problems by looking through a business’s funnel and recommending copy changes that will drive profits through the roof.

— 03

Strategy is key for Business Success

It’s one thing to write good copy, but it’s another to know when and how to use copy to consistently drive business. For example, when creating email campaigns, copywriters can determine which emails to send out and when.

— 04

Brand Voice/Tone:

Machine-generated content makes businesses appear generic and lifeless. Copywriters understand the context of the content they are writing and tailor their writing style accordingly. They can adjust the tone, style, and messaging of their writing to suit the intended audience and the goals of the content.

— 05


What happens when your marketing messages are the same as your competitors? You lose your voice and relevance. Brands that want to remain authentic and lead their industry will continue to hire copywriters.

— 06

Emotional Connection:

Copywriting is all about creating an emotional connection with the reader, which requires a human touch. While AI may be able to produce grammatically correct sentences, it cannot replicate the emotional nuances and empathy that human writers can bring to their work.

*AI is here to stay but it will only assist skilled copywriters in working faster. By acting as a research assistant, it helps writers work at a faster pace, freeing up more time for marketing and ultimately leading to greater earnings.


HeAR WHAT Our RECENT Graduates have to say about CIC.

Before taking the CIC program, I've taken a WhatsApp class on Copywriting, but I couldn't write a compelling copy and I wasn't doing well with my earnings. The CIC program exposed me to the deeper world of copywriting. After the program, I landed high projects with THREE tech companies that paid me six figures each. I also got some retainers because of the quality of work I delivered. These retainers pay me at least 300k per month. I should have made the leap a long time ago.
CIC Graduate

"I am elated. This is a DREAM come TRUE for me..."

As a stay-at-home mum with 2 kids, It's like one of the hardest things to do for me. Really I was nowhere at all when it comes to freelance copywriting and earning online. Today, I can't believe how confident I've become while working on clients’ projects. I now love to write and have mastered the skill of copywriting. The flexibility of working from home as a freelance copywriter is fulfilling for me and this program, CIC, made it possible.
CIC Graduate

"I was writing articles and blogs for peanuts before I joined the CIC academy..."

Now I have been able to quit my former job and I landed a better role as an ads specialist in a writing agency. In addition to this, I have worked with clients in the UK and Canada on different forms of copy and they paid me well for my services. This is my fifth month in the academy and I have already made x5 of investment in the program.
CIC Graduate

"I have learned a skill that can be applied in any business venture..."

I've learnt a skill that can be applied in almost any business venture, and I'm grateful. I'm not comfortable talking about money, but I'll say for a total beginner in the copywriting space, I'm doing well. Thejirejacob is someone who knows what he is talking about, and I recommend him to anyone who is looking to kickstart their copywriting career.
CIC Graduate

"Never heard of the word 'copywriting' before..."

At the moment, I craft copies in the comfort of my home, and I get paid online the legit way. So far, I have made my first $1,000 through freelance copywriting. I have served clients from different parts of the world leveraging freelance marketplaces and through direct outreaches. Thank you, CIC!
CIC Graduate

"The practical insights I have been searching for..."

The CIC program gave me the practical insights I have been searching for. I have realized my first $1,000 after taking the course and recently landed a $600 gig to write a couple of emails. I can now confidently interact with prospects, close them and help them move their business to the next level. Best decision!
CIC Graduate

"I am one of the top three writers in my current job..."

I joined the program to improve my grammar and writing because it cost me my previous job. Right now, I'm one of the top three writers in my current job. In less than 3 months, I have earned over £1000 from my writing and I am already looking at starting my own writing agency. I can tell you the difference is clear and have greatly improved. Thankful for this opportunity.
CIC Graduate

"I have never seen a course as detailed as this before..."

At first, I thought it will simply be like other courses that will randomly drop files for students to read. No video, no live meetings, no module tasks etc but I was proven wrong. From the start of module 1, I knew I was in for something huge and expository. I’m glad I took the decision to hop on board the CIC train.
CIC Graduate

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say About Our Training!

CIC has exposed me to a lot of marketing knowledge and experiences. I'm a sucker for knowledge and this is a very valuable course. Amazing coaches, always ready to help out!
CIC Student
The course's modular approach is fantastic! It breaks down copywriting into easy-to-understand components, and the resources provided are more than enough to support your learning.
CIC Student
This course is simple, comprehensive, and offers a seamless user experience. The assignments are designed to simulate real-world client work, providing valuable experience.
CIC Student
This course is well-structured, with great content flow and excellent supporting materials. The "what did you learn" feature helps to gauge assimilation per lesson. The CIC team did an excellent job creating this course.
CIC Student
I love how this course helps me build my portfolio and develop my copywriting skills. The assignments are eye-opening and help me identify my strengths and areas for improvement. It's an essential part of my journey as a copywriter!
CIC Student
This course has simplified complex topics like building a customer avatar in a way that's easy to understand. The community-based atmosphere for networking and interaction is also commendable.
CIC Student
The course is impressively detailed and practical. The instructors clearly put in a lot of effort. I'm thrilled that it offers hands-on experience and immediate feedback after each session, which is rare in most online courses.
CIC Student
Prompt responses and practical assignments make CIC a great choice for aspiring copywriters. It shows the team's dedication to ensuring students become successful in the world of copywriting.
CIC Student
This course is unlike any other I've come across before - it's detailed, broad, and truly enlightening. The modules are perfectly crafted, and the richness of the material is unmatched. Finally, I've found the right teacher and copywriting training.
CIC Student
The best thing about CIC is the instructor's unwavering commitment to your success. Jacobs' teaching method is simple, direct, and emphatic, making it easy for anyone to follow. The course is comprehensive, leaving you fully equipped to be a successful copywriter without needing a supplementary course.
CIC Student
The best thing about this course is the personalized support I receive. The weekly group meetings have been invaluable and having someone to grade my work and provide constructive feedback has really helped me grow as a copywriter. Plus, the flexibility to study at my own pace is a huge bonus.
CIC Student
The course is simply amazing! It's packed with tons of informative materials that are delivered in an engaging way. The lead tutor pays attention to details, and his approach promotes active learning. It has broadened my knowledge base on copywriting, and I find myself enjoying every bit of it. I'm happy to have invested in this program!
CIC Student
This course has been a game-changer for me! I never imagined that I could master copywriting, but here I am with a new skill set that I can add to my arsenal. The best part? It has given me the confidence to tackle anything that comes my way. The sky's the limit!
CIC Student
This course caters to different learners' strengths and exposure, making it easy to progress from a beginner to an advanced copywriter quickly. It has widespread applicability beyond copywriting. I wish I had taken it earlier!
CIC Student
The best thing about this course is that it not only teaches but uses case studies as classwork and assignments so that you're always involved in the learning process.
CIC Student
The CIC course has it all! From the step-by-step teaching approach to the student-friendly strategies and the excellent support group on Telegram. The instructors are always available to encourage, enlighten and support students every step of the way. It's not just about the money; it's about the journey and helping others reach their goals. Glad I took the leap!
CIC Student
This course has been a game-changer for me. It's not just theoretical but very practical, with real-world projects that push me to apply what I'm learning. I'm thrilled that I'm now on my way to becoming a professional copywriter, armed with the skills to help businesses grow and thrive.
CIC Student
The virtual interaction was unparalleled, with an interface that felt like a physical classroom. The instructor's empathetic and motivational approach made the course engaging and conversational. Despite being a pharmacist, the instructor was a natural-born teacher. The course materials and curriculum were more than a good match for the fees.
CIC Student


This is not a marketing gimmick to inflate the value of our course like you must have seen on other websites. These bonuses will speed up your writing process while also enhancing the value you provide to clients as you promote yourself. You need to ACT FAST and not overthink this opportunity before it eludes you….

Crushit Copywriting- using chatGPT as your writing assistant


You will learn how to use ChatGPT as your creative sidekick. You will discover specific prompts to feed into the machine to cut your research time by half, so you can free up more time for marketing and explode your freelance earnings.

Retail Price: $225

Crushit Copywriting- Creating Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan


This 1-hour masterclass shows you the minimum marketing strategy you must use daily to consistently fill up your calendar with projects. It’s simple, easy to implement and ensures your client pipeline never goes dry. This is a 1-hour crash course on marketing for copywriters with worksheets and templates.

Retail Price: $289


In order for you to save time and money, you will learn how to quickly set up a professional business portfolio website that you can use to start pitching immediately. This is not some google drive or dropbox links (Those won’t get you High-paying clients.)

Retail Price: $225

Crushit-Copywriting - 7 Copywriting Tools To Write Smarter than anybody else


Freelancing should not rob you off of the time to hang out with your friends, see your favorite movies at the Cinemas or bond with your children and family. It shouldn’t be another 9-5 job you have to deal with. These 7 Tools give you an unfair advantage and make you Unstoppable.

Retail Price: $175

Crushit Copywriting - Powerful tools to research your audience and write expert copy


This bonus course is your hack to getting tons of referrals. This is where we show you how to SPY on your clients’ competitors, see what they are doing and then go a mile extra to create MAGIC for your client. This Bonus course takes RESEARCH to a whole new level.

Retail Price: $375


Fiverr & Upwork are over-hyped. You’ll get access to our SECRET vault of low-competition job boards; complete with proven Proposal Templates to take as much as jobs as you can UNTIL you are swamped and you need to hire other writers to work for you.

Retail Price: $147

Crush-it Copywriting - Done for your LinkedIn Templates


Get on LinkedIn and start to hit the home run with these templates. Here you will find templates you can adjust and use for your Bio. You will find an Elevator Pitch Template that you can use to WOW your prospects when they reach out to you. You will find Connection Request Templates you can get in the door.

Retail Price: $147

Crushit Copywriting - Freelance Writing Niche Worksheet

Freelance Writing Niche Workbook

A workbook specially designed to tease out the right answers from you until you have the Ahaha moment realizing the perfect niche for you. Going through this exercise will help you see clearly the path you should follow and where you should pitch your tent as a freelance writer. Speed is good but only in the right direction is it profitable.

Retail Price: $189

Crush-it Copywriting - 44 Profitable Niches


Watched the video walk through on how to pick your niche, even used the niche workbook and still unable to select the right niche? No sweat, we got you covered with this bonus material, here we’ve handpicked 44 most profitable niches from our experience of being in the freelance writing industry. This is the cheat sheet to choosing a niche that is PROFITABLE.

Retail Price: $147

Crushit Copywriting Customer Avatar Worksheet


Are you scared your writing may fall flat and clients may not like your work? The only reason that will happen if your copy or content does not connect with their potential customers. This is your cheat sheet to getting a lot of referrals. Only 5% freelance writers are using this worksheet, time to join the PRO gang and help your CLIENTS get real results so they can work with you for LIFE.

Retail Price: $479



You will lose thousands of dollars in FREELANCE work if you do not understand SEO and how to to write for both humans and search engine bots. Here, you will learn basic things like H1 & H2 Tags, Keyword density and how to ensure you don’t keyword-stuff your content and get Google to flag your client’s website. You will discover the tools you can use to check for optimization as well as readability of your SEO copy.

Retail Price: $389



Now this is for the LAZY freelance writers. If have a 9-5 and want to plot an exit from your job, this bonus material is for you. Do you remember how you studied past questions and went into an exam half-prepared and still got an A? You remember yeah? That’s what the 90 days calendar is all about.
It tells you what to do from DAY 1 to DAY 90 so you can get results FAST.

Retail Price: $499



Next Cohort Training Starts Every 14 Days…


Our course is so comprehensive that our students have a reputation of being given a long term role by their clients – and ocassioanlly multiple cic students have been hired by same company. Amazing isn’t it? 


The problem is not that it is hard to learn copywriting; it’s the fact that many people are unable to apply what they have learned in the real world. The “Crush It Copywriting” course is a 100% practical-based program and is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

You will not be spending time on just theoretical knowledge because we show you how to create actual deliverables and provide live demonstrations. This is how you can actually make money.

We understand that getting your first job and working on an actual project can be intimidating, which is why we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience under your belt, we’re here to help you succeed.

It’s easy to get caught up in doubts and fears, but believe me, there’s nothing difficult about learning copywriting. All you need is an open mind and a winner’s mentality. Just look at Ayomide – she knew nothing about copywriting before she joined us, but now she’s made her first dollar online!

Of course, you may struggle a bit in the beginning, but with practice, you’ll become a copywriting rockstar in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Silence those “ifs” and “buts” in your mind and make a decision that your future self will thank you for.


The truth is 80% of our students had zero knowledge about copywriting before they took our program. And it’s a good thing that you are curious about this powerful skill as that makes you a perfect fit for the course.

Just like you, Zainab was curious about copywriting and wanted to see what the academy looked like. She took the leap and enrolled and now she’s the head of communications in the company where she works. Taking a course like this opens you up to numerous opportunities.

And because copywriting is so valuable, you will be the one to choose the sector you want to work in and your terms. Why don’t you push the buy button and kickstart your copywriting career immediately


No matter your age or background, it’s never too late to learn a skill. And the sad thing is, the clock is ticking, so you have to have to make a quick decision to take back your life and start making the kind of money that you desire which is possible through copywriting.

You have to give yourself another chance to succeed and pursue your goals. And the interesting thing is you can grow your freelance business VERY fast with the resources that we provide and then go ahead to build an agency.

Just like Bakare who took our course and now specializes in Website copywriting, she’s gone ahead to build her agency and now consulting businesses and clients all over the world. And if she can do it, YOU CAN DO it as well. But you have to make a decision NOW rather than later, so you do not overthink yourself out of an opportunity of a lifetime.



You’re still thinking about money like an employee – not a business owner. The truth is: Money is a tool you use to solve problems or invest it to take a giant leap forward.

Think about the RETURN on your investment! As a business owner, it makes sense to invest in your learning when there’s potential to make THOUSANDS of dollars per month and literally change your life by implementing what you learn!

The return on investment on the CIC course is for life.. You can make the investment back and 10X it by just implementing a module.

Example 1

Imagine you charge $75 for a 300 words product description (Which is the minimum our students charge).

An average client will need you to write up to 12 product descriptions per batch. (And if you do a good job, you can end up being hired as the e-commerce copywriter for the brand.)

So, on the first batch of 12 product descriptions, you will earning $900 which almost double the investment of enrolling in our elite program. 

And once you made your first dollar, you just use our proven system to keep landing copy clients and and smashing your income goals.

Example 2

You decide to make freelance copywriting your full time business. You can easily smash $5,000 in a month when use at least two of our client acquisition strategies.

Out students have made a lot of money writing website copy and emails. Let’s say you sign up 4 web client in a month and charge $500 per project (You can charge up to $5,000 for a single website depending on the industry).

That comes out as $2,000!

Still using our proven system, you can sign up 3 email client and charge $750 per product launch sequence. (You could still charge them extra for every sale they make with your emails.)

That comes out at $3,000

While this is a rough estimate and not a guarantee of earnings, Our students have done it, you can do it as well if you implement what we teach you and put in the work. But you must realize it’s possible to grow a profitable freelance writing business and change your life forever.



We can’t wait for you to dive in and kick-start your copywriting career. Our easy-to-navigate platform is designed to give you an enjoyable learning experience. You only need to sign up, and you will then receive your customized login details to our learning portal. What are you waiting for?



Meet one of the industry experts and instructors at the CIC Academy. It can be satisfying to see a student go from 0 to 100 by just taking the CIC course. It’s intriguing and satisfying to the outcome of the knowledge we impact on our students. Listen to Joba Ojelabi, one of the instructors at the academy, about his experience coaching copywriting students to stardom.


Hi there! I’m Olajire Jacob, also known as thejirejacob, and I’m the founder of Crush-it Copywriting Academy. I am also a licensed pharmacist both in Nigeria and Great Britain. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I built a profitable freelance writing business quickly.

As a fourth-year pharmacy student, I was struggling and wanted more when I discovered the world of freelance writing. I was blown away by the idea of making more in a month than in a year just by writing from home. So, like many others, I started out writing articles and blogs for just a few dollars per 1000 words. It was exhausting and frustrating dealing with difficult clients until a friend introduced me to the world of copywriting.

That conversation changed my life. I learned that copywriters could charge hundreds of dollars for just writing a few words. I started my own copywriting agency, helping business owners make more sales and training others to do the same. And now, my goal is to train 1 million individuals by 2030 and help them gain financial independence.

Because to me, financial independence means true freedom and control over your time. After all, as I always say, whatever attacks your time attacks your destiny. So, are you ready to take control of your destiny? Let’s get started.



We know that you’ll be thrilled when you join the CIC Academy, and with the transformation you’ll experience. In short: the CIC Blueprint works if you work it.

At our company, we believe in the value of hard work and dedication. That’s why we have a cancellation policy to ensure our clients are committed to achieving their goals. Rest assured that if you put in the effort, our program will deliver the results you desire.

However, if you do not do the work, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome. We want to work with individuals who are passionate about their freelancing careers and are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed.

If, for some inexplicable reason you enroll in the ELITE course and implement what we teach you and got no results with PROOF, we will return your money with no questions asked. (We are a reputable training company, and it’s only fair that we ask for proof.)


We have tried to answer the most popular questions prospective students ask us, however if you have a specific question, please call our course advisor here: +234 817 943 1020 or email

Congratulations! You now have a full year of access to our course upon enrollment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can master the material – in fact, most students complete the program in just three months! And with our proven strategies, you could start landing high-paying clients in as little as four months. But the benefits don’t stop there. As a member of our community, you’ll have exclusive access to connect with other writers, receive feedback on your strategy, and continue your learning journey.

Act now to secure the current price before it goes up! And don’t worry if you’re short on time right now – our course is designed to be flexible and completely self-paced. You can take it on your own schedule, whether that means binging the material this weekend or spacing it out over several months. However, we’re excited to see you succeed, so we hope you’ll dive in soon and start making progress toward your income goals. We can’t wait to hear all about your journey!

Our refund policy is only binding on the Elite package. You have 90 days to implement the strategies in this course. If you don’t get any positive results (and you can show that you’ve done all of the work and implemented all of the strategies as outlined in the course), write us an email and we’ll refund you. We can’t guarantee any specific result – no one can. Results will vary based on your writing ability, the amount of effort you put in, how closely you follow the strategy, etc. When you enroll in this course, you agree to the refund policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions. 

Most of the course content is video content with voiceovers. You also get access to several bonus resources and a private community.

With a laptop and internet connection, you’re just two things away from becoming a freelance writer. That’s right, just a portfolio website and a professional email address. And if you’re new to this world, even better! This course bundle is tailor-made for beginners and takes you step-by-step through the entire marketing process, helping you land those high-paying clients. 😎

I’ll say this: I earned $200,000 from just ONE strategy taught in this course. Even if you only make 10% of that, this course will pay for itself and then some! Imagine the return on your investment! But let’s be clear: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll need to put in the work. But if you’re willing to do that, I’m confident these strategies will get you results.

Yes, you will receive our certificate once you have completed at least 80% of the program, landed at least 10 clients or earned at least $1,000 using the strategies we’ve taught you. You only need to meet one of these criteria.

Yes, you can make a 60% down payment on any of the packages to gain access to the course and then pay the remaining 40% after 30 days. You can call or send a WhatsApp message to our course advisor at +234 817 943 1020 to take advantage of our installment plan.

No, this is not a WhatsApp class. You will get access to our intuitive learning platform, where you will have access to the course videos, learning materials, and other bonuses. You will also be added to our student community on Telegram, receiving additional support on your journey.

No, this is not a WhatsApp class. You will get access to our intuitive learning platform, where you will have access to the course videos, learning materials, and other bonuses. You will also be added to our student community on Telegram, receiving additional support on your journey.

Yes, absolutely. You can start with the Basic Package and later upgrade to Premium or Elite by paying the difference. Alternatively, you can begin with the Premium Package and upgrade to Elite. Although 80% of our students opt for the Elite Package, we welcome you to try out the lower packages and upgrade later if you choose to do so.

The course is designed to accommodate both beginners and advanced learners. If you need additional help, you can attend our bi-weekly live sessions or ask for assistance in our private community. All you have to do is speak up in the community or email our support desk, and we will provide you with the help you need.

Absolutely. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while we can provide you with all the tricks and strategies to succeed, it’s up to you to implement them. As with any other business, freelance copywriting requires dedication, hard work, and consistency. But don’t worry; we’re here to support you every step of the way as you work towards achieving your career goals.

No, our program is only offered online. Thanks to technology, we are able to replicate the classroom experience through our online platform. Additionally, with physical programs, there is often the added stress of travel time, making it difficult to find time to implement what you’ve learned. This is especially true if you live in a busy city with heavy traffic. However, you’re welcome to take a tour of our learning platform to get a feel for what it’s like.

Absolutely! Our course is designed to cater to all levels of learners, and you’ll have access to bi-weekly live sessions and a private community for additional help. Simply speak up in the community or email our support desk for assistance.

You’re only two steps away from becoming a freelance writer: a laptop and an internet connection. This course bundle is tailor-made for beginners and advanced learners, taking you step-by-step through the entire marketing process to help you land high-paying clients. And don’t worry about having a portfolio website or branding your businesss – we’ve got you covered. Let’s turn your writing skills into a lucrative career! 😎

Absolutely! Our course is self-paced, so you can study during your free time. By dedicating just 120 minutes a day to your career, you’ll have invested 3,600 minutes in a month – imagine the results you’ll get with that! Plus, with a full year to complete the course, you’ll have plenty of time to start landing high-paying clients.

The Elite package covers all basic and premium lessons, so if you go for the Elite, you will have all that you need to build a profitable freelance copy business from scratch. But if you are low on budget, you can choose the lower packages and upgrade later. If you need help choosing a plan, please call/whatsapp our course advisor at +234 817 943 1020.

The Elite package covers all basic and premium lessons, so if you go for the Elite, you will have all that you need to build a profitable freelance copy business from scratch. But if you are low on budget, you can choose the lower packages and upgrade later. If you need help choosing a plan, please call/whatsapp our course advisor at +234 817 943 1020.

If you’re wondering whether the class is in English because you’re not in Nigeria, then the answer is yes! Our classes are conducted in English and we have students from various countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, and of course, Nigeria.

Yes, just scroll to the payment section on the website, and you find a link to submit payment via stripe.

Yes, you can renew your subscription with us for another one year should you want to refer to your study materials in the future. You can call our course advisor at +234 817 943 1020 or email for more information about subscription.

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